Mr. Kyle Dietz: From World Extreme Cagefighting to Ultra Running & Crossfit


Ultra Runner, Skora Running Team Member, Crossfitter… 27, Davenport Iowa, USA.

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Website: Is in the works right now. All video blog just waiting for videos to get edited.

Non Sport heros: My Father

How do you organize daily to train, work, study, work etc etc…?

Early morning runs and workouts then teach endurance class then a night run with friends.

Do have much control over your trainings ?or you just follow your instinct?

I usually just run whenever because I like to be in the woods but I also have a coach that helps me with technique and puts me through workout. Running and training hard is in my blood! I just go with the flow.

How long have you been playing sports? And how did you start practicing Crossfit?

I’ve been in sports as long as I can remember. My dad had me playing baseball at a early age. My neighbor Bob got me into wrestling in second grade. So I’ve been active or doing something my whole life. My buddy Mike Coopman got me into crossfit. He lived in Hawaii and got hooked on it so when he moved back he made a really nice garage gym and we would get our asses kicked in workouts there. Few months after my coach now Brandon Bartz had opened a local gym. I went and got hooked on the programming and people. They ended up sponsoring me and still to this day brandon programs my workouts. I’m very loyal to Quad City Crossfit.

What have you learned on endurance that helped you in the Ultras?

I think fighting and crossfit have helped me the most. In fighting you find your true self. You can’t blame anyone for your mistakes and you have your back against the wall most of the time so you gotta dig deep and get into that dark place. Same as for Crossfit. Nobody is gonna lift these weights for you. Nobody is gonna make you do that extra rep. Those two sports have definitely made me mentally strong.

How long have you been running in the woods? and What ultras have you ran? Do you have planned to race any classic ultra in the future?Which ones?

Technically I’ve only been running in the woods coming on a year now and doing ultras about the same time. As a kids my friends and I were in the woods all day building forts and trails for our bikes. I’ve ran the north face 50, wildcat 50k, hawkeye 25k, Potawatomi 100 miler, corn belt 24 hour run. I plan on racing as many as the classic ultras as possible. I’m still learning the craft so in time.

Tell us about your projects UrbanTribe, Quad City Crossfit, Midcoast Outerwear…

Endurance tribe is a running group my coach and I do. We help people learn and we do a lot of group runs together. We plan on making it a legit race team. Quad City Crossfit is the gym I go to. Ranked number 4 in the world at the moment. Midcoast outerwear is a little clothing line I’ve been working on. Slowly but surely it’s coming along haha.

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How do you push yourself through the pain?

When I’m in pain I just get in that dark place and keep pushing. I kinda welcome pain because when you overcome it , it’s a great feeling.

What´s your favorite post-workout treat?

A beer or chocolate milk.

What you exactly mean when you tell me that you coach endurance and Crossfit endurance?  Explain the difference between both.

Brandon bartz my coach and I teach pose style method of running. We have put on a few running clinics and teach people have to have proper form etc.

Skora Running. I suppose you have thoroughly tested their product. In your opinion. In what ways are better than their competitors? Feel free to describe the high and lows of the product. 

Skora Running is a great shoe company based out of Portland Oregon USA. The shoes will blow your mind! They look great and feel crazy good when you put them on. It’s amazing how something can feel so good on your feet. Everything about the company is positive and try’s to make people run better. “Runreal” it’s a smaller company as of now which I really enjoy because the team really gets to work with the brand and give them our input. Plus the team and guys in charge are really cool. Excited to see this brand grow.

When you started in WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting)? Why’d you quit?If it´s the case.

I been fighting a long time. Day in day out of training. To this day I still miss it and think about it none stop. I’m sure one day I may have a comeback. Who knows. I didn’t quit I got let go because in that level of fighting they look for the best and of you lose 2 fights in a row they give you the boot! Haha I love the sport and will always follow it but sometimes you just gotta switch it up. Definitely learned a lot about myself and learned I’m not made of glass.

After your first WOD, what was your first sensation?

That I thought I was gonna die! Haha it was crazy. Also my hands were a bloody mess but I loved every second of it.

What is the WOD or exercise you like most? What is the WOD or least favorite exercise?

I really love doing HERO wods for our fallen soldiers. Makes you work a lot harder. I love doing longer style wods where my endurance will kick in. I hate doing any WOD where we have to do wall balls! They kick my ass! Haha

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Are you following some kind of diet? How does it look like?

No diet. I love my snacks. When I was only doing crossfit and not running I followed the paleo diet. I just like being able to eat what I wanna eat :)

What is your favorite thing about Crossfit Vs Traditional Training? 

Crossfit takes half the time of traditional style training and it seems like you work way harder. Plus it’s competitive. Specially at QCCF! I don’t need to be in a gym where meat heads are looking at them selves in the mirror.

Do you take any supplements?

I don’t take any supplements. Only protien

If you could give somebody starting in Crossfit some advice what would it be? 

I’d tell them to be ready for a life changing experience and that they’re gonna be sore for the next month!

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